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About us

Dancing Dragon books was born with the aim of spreading culture among the global public. Taking advantage of the capabilities of new technologies, especially those related to e-books and Print on Demand to make available to readers works that highlight important aspects of human culture, both those that have a universal projection and interesting aspects of national, regional and local cultures.

E-book publishing is one of the most interesting aspects of globalization. Ideas no longer have borders and locally published books are immediately accessible worldwide, to be read on any platform: a reader, a tablet, a computer or a mobile phone.

For all of us who love books and have often been interested in topics that might be considered minoritarian, Print On Demand is the perfect solution. A new generation of printers is capable of printing high quality books in a matter of minutes. This allows our publisher's catalogue to quickly reach readers anywhere on the planet.

On Demand Printing is a flexible tool, also suitable for printing tens, hundreds or thousands of books when required. It means the greatest flexibility when it comes to viewing a printed book.

If you have an interesting project in any of the topics dealt with by our collections do not hesitate to contact us. We will put all our illusion to help you to carry it out and that your work can see the light.

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