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 Dancing Dragons Books is a publishing house focused on raising awareness related to culture. For the time being, no works of fiction will be published. The activity of the publishing house will be developed through different collections that will try to provide the reader with new visions of little-known aspects of the cultures of East and West.
Authors who have an interesting project, which they consider could fit the editorial line, should familiarize themselves with existing collections to ensure that their work will fit into one of them.
Once this step has been taken, they can submit an editorial proposal, including a fragment of the work if it is already in progress. We will study the project with all our affection and we will communicate to the author if it is possible to publish it or not.
Authors should keep in mind that the workflow in the publisher is very variable. Sometimes it may take one or two weeks to reply, sometimes it may take one or two months.
Contact: publisher@dancing-dragons.com

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