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Cultural Guides

A new collection of travel books in which the emphasis is placed on the culture of the place to visit. Books that introduce the reader to the main aspects of a country's culture, its history and language, professed religions, main aspects of the architecture, painting, literature and art of the country in question. These guides aim to become inseparable companions during the journey, then focusing on the description and explanation of the meaning of the most interesting cities and monuments. It is our hope that when the traveler arrives before one of these masterpieces of the human race, he will be able to understand each one of its elements and fully enjoy the visit without worrying whether or not he will find locally edited materials in his language. Each guide is accompanied by numerous illustrations, original maps and iconography that will help to understand at a glance the importance of the places visited.

Many of them written by tourism professionals, our cultural guides will give you the opportunity to travel with your guide always at your side.


 Sri Lanka - Cultural Guide.
Páges: 136
Year: 2019

           Sri Lanka is a continuous revelation for the traveler. Its geography, its hidden treasures, the feeling experienced when visiting it, has given rise to one of the most beautiful words of the English language: “serendipity”. It is defined as a fortunate, valuable and unexpected discovery or find that occurs accidentally, by chance or by destiny, or when one is looking for something different. The old name Ceylon came from Serendip.
This little guide is a tribute to Sri Lanka and its people and especially to those who have been patiently explaining to me aspects of their culture. This book is illustrated with more than 100 pictures and several new maps and drawings.


Lhasa - Cultural Guide
Páges: 190
Year: 2018

Lhasa is every traveler's dream. A city where all the elements of an unforgettable journey are combined: grandiose monuments, characters with picturesque dresses, exotic realities and the infrastructure that allows those experiences to be felt, lived, experienced, by everyone according to their own character, because in the streets of the ancient city, in the parks where the pilgrims rest, in the temples where they pray and bow, the traveller discovers that Lhasa contains a spirit that can be perceived when one forgets everything and becomes one more of its inhabitants.

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