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Yu Garden Shanghai- Archetype of Chinese Garden
Pedro Ceinos - Arcones.
2019. 98 pp.
Ebook: 4.9$.

     Yu Garden is Shanghai's main monument and one of the most beautiful gardens in China. The history of its creation and the evolution of the city over the last few centuries have made it the archetype of the Chinese garden, in which all the poetic, natural and cultural elements of the gardens are present.
The art of gardening, relatively recent in China's long history, has an intimate relationship with landscape painting, poetry and oriental architecture. Only when the thick web of symbols and implicit meanings that support a work of art can be unraveled, it can be enjoyed in all its grandeur.
This garden is visited every day by thousands of people who, enjoying its essential beauty, walk carelessly through its corridors and galleries This book is fundamental to understand the cultural and historical importance of the garden, but also to appreciate the art of oriental gardening and each of the elements that compose
A must-have book for all visitors to Shanghai.


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